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Hi! I’m Egidija – Psychologist & Energy Healer, helping to reveal and remove unconscious inner blocks so you can express your true self, experience happiness and inner freedom, and live life the way you want it  

Egidija Zasytyte

How I can help you

A great deal of unseen obstacles comes from the unconscious belief system. Unconscious beliefs affect the way the world and situations are perceived and interpreted. These unconscious interpretations induce emotions and impact the way we react and act in the situations – thus it affects the results we get in our daily life. By discovering and shifting these beliefs you can completely change the experience of your life!

I can recognize hidden mindset patterns while actively listening to you, and shift them using powerful technique that induces instant changes – ThetaHealing®.

 During the sessions, you experience transformation and relief. First of all, you get aware of those beliefs that hold you back from living your dreams. You understand the purpose of those beliefs. Usually they appear in emotionally painful situations and stay with us in order to protect us. We explore these situations together, in gentle and loving way. Awareness is followed by transformations. Wounds are healed, burden of heavy painful emotions is lifted and limiting beliefs are released… You experience shift in your energy and mindset, that empowers you to make shift in your life.

Discover what beliefs are holding you back

Understand the origins and purpose of these beliefs

Change limiting beliefs into the empowering ones

Get aligned with your desired outcome

Client Feedback

“In just one powerful transformative session with Egidija I could realize so deep-rooted and important beliefs that were limiting my life, and get rid of them. I already feel and live much lighter, better and stronger. Her session is worth much more than a regular psychological session because of her direct connection with the source, bringing up my problems with such accuracy I could not even put into words by myself! Also, she was keeping me on focus with a gentle manner. I definitely recommend her!”

Anita Nyirő

Designer, Founder of "Manohuis", "Hugging Me" pillows creator

Egidija is a woman who has direct connection with higher powers. She knew things I have never told her or anyone. . . or even to myself! And when discussing these issues in a very supportive, caring, and safe way, I found out the roots of some of my limiting beliefs about wealth. And got rid of them! Now I am not afraid of asking the fair price for my magical silk art anymore. I raised my prices (doubled some of them!), and I earn more, and feel my true soul clients are finding their way to me.”

Maria Jürimäe

Silk Artist, Founder of "Singing Scarves"

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