I am merging my superpowers to your advantage! 

People easily notice my sharp insightful mind, my ability to structure information, discern and highlight what is most important, and see into the heart of matters. But not many know that I have and always have had deep intuition, and connection to the divine energy and the magical side of the world.


I have studied psychology and got a master‘s degree. But my heart was longing for something more, beyond the rational and measurable… I was so happy to encounter and study spiritual teachings of Toltec Wisdom. I got familiar with Qigong, Reiki, Tai Chi, mindfulness, healing power of crystals… And  ThetaHealing® has come to my life, transforming my life and uniting everything that I have learned or intuitively known during my lifetime.


Oh, that feeling of getting out of the box! The box, that is composed of inner fears, complexes, self-judgement and limitations… Into ever bigger and greater freedom! It’s so incredible and exciting! I have experienced that feeling (and still do), and I wish you to relish it too. To claim your inner freedom and happiness, to own your true authentic self and live from that place of integrity…. Remember your true limitless divine nature, the joy and beauty of living on this wonderful planet Earth, and your freedom to create life from the place of love, delight and inspiration…